Even before the COVID-19 global pandemic, more and more professionals were shifting to remote work or exploring home-based businesses. Running a business out of your home means less time stuck in morning traffic, less money spent renting office or storage spaces, and more time for doing what you love most.


Whether you lead your own consulting business, make and sell unique products, or freelance as a writer or designer, there are many ways to create your ideal home office. We asked some of our Las Vegas clients who work from home some of their recommendations. If you are in need of a productive space for your home business, check out these 4 tips from folks who have been right where you are.


Renovate Your Garage

A remodeled garage is one of the most effective home office set-ups, according to our past clients. Once you look beyond the car, the toys, and the tools, there is plenty of potential awaiting. First, be sure to make your garage climate controlled, so you are comfortable in your home office year-round. 


Next, eliminate the garage-feel of the space by painting the walls, installing a ceiling, and adding a coat of epoxy to the floor. This will not only hide old stains but also prevent further damage from occurring. Some homeowners tackle this as a weekend DIY job, but if you cut corners, you could unintentionally trap moisture in the floor, which often results in bubbling and buckling. If you want the job done right, consider hiring a pro.


Try Minimalism For Small Spaces


Your home office should reflect who you are and what you want your business to be. Even small home offices can be places that motivate entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers. If you are trying to renovate a small space into a home office, you may feel like there are a lot of extra hurdles to cross. But small spaces are often filled with big opportunities—especially if you take a minimalist design approach. Use a corner desk and vertical wall shelving to maximize space and keep inventory close.


Form a Limited Liability Company for a financial boost


Not sure you have the financial ability to set up your home office and get your business off the ground? You might be able to address these concerns, and others, by forming an LLC. For Nevada residents, Limited Liability Company does not require an attorney and can cost as little as $75. Not only can you take advantage of specific tax breaks, but you can also protect your personal assets from any financial situations that arise in your business.


Buy a new home to accommodate more space


Right now is a great time to consider a new home in Vegas, especially for people looking to expand their homes for a home-based business. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs look for large, climate-controlled basements or attics for storing inventory. For consultants planning on meeting clients, consider a home with a separate entrance to a private office. Don’t forget to ensure you have access to wifi and smart technology throughout the house. And if there is an HOA, be sure they allow and support home-based businesses. 


When you decide to run your business from home, it’s like you become two separate versions of yourself in one place. There’s the business side and the at-home, relaxed side. Try out some of these suggestions for setting up your space to make sure you strike the right balance. And if you decide that your current place just won’t cut it, contact April Huynh at 702-305-2473. Homeowners throughout Las Vegas have partnered with us for their buying, selling, and renting needs—and they all will tell you it was a “win-win” situation!